Zero will soon begin a two-year collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's West Gate program. Dennis Schroader/Department of Energy photo.

Zero's founder selected as one of four innovators for Inaugural Cohort

Grant was picked from a field of applicants developing innovative technologies in alignment with NREL’s goal to create a clean energy future for the world and will be supported through the Building Technologies Office. With West Gates’s help, Grant will enjoy a well-supported proving ground for the development of its software platform for home electrification and heat pump installations, along with technical assistance, mentorship, and fundraising support over the next 2 years.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for NREL’s support at this critical juncture in Zero’s evolution,” said Zero’s Founder & CEO, Grant Gunnison. “I am thrilled to be picked from among some incredible companies and innovators for the West Gate program, which is just what we needed to advance our platform for home electrification & heat pump installations. To get this kind of backing and relationship commitment with NREL, a critical governmental player in pushing for the clean energy revolution, is an enormous milestone for us and will pay huge dividends into the future.”

To get this kind of backing from NREL, which has been such a critical governmental player in pushing for the clean energy revolution, was an enormous milestone for us.

Read more about the other in innovators selected in the inaugural cohort on the NREL's website.

About West Gate

West Gate provides innovators the time, training, and technical capabilities to accelerate a promising technology into an early-stage company ready for growth. West Gate supports innovators with entrepreneurial mentorship and technology de-risking over a 2-year runway with substantial resources including:

West Gate is the fourth installment of the Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office’s Lab Embedded Entrepreneurship Program. It is joining Berkeley's Cyclotron Road, Oak Ridge's Innovation Crossroads, and Argonne's Chain Reaction Innovations programs to accelerate technology development for a cleaner future. These programs are managed by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center within the Department of Energy, and West Gate is hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory with support from the Colorado School of Mines. Its unique assortment of partners and support helps bring economically viable cleantech innovations to market.